HiDOX, provider of a fully integrated document solution for ERP systems
Restrictions of ERP systems
Every company devotes a lot of time and attention to creating its corporate image, and rightly so. One of the most important aspects of this is the house style, and particularly ensuring that it is consistent throughout all their documents. But formatting ERP documents has restrictions, especially in respect of fonts, layouts and output. Isn’t there another way?

Good looking ERP documents in a trice
Based on years of international knowledge of and experience with ERP systems, HiDOX has developed the intelligent high-tech HiDOX FormDesigner solution for this purpose. HiDOX FormDesigner has user-friendly and dynamic tools, with which you are able to give your documents the correct form and appearance in one operation. This applies to all your documents: forms, quotations, orders, E-invoices, price-lists, reports, etc.