In practice

In practice
Multi-channel Distibution
Microsoft and FormDesigner
Economic and Sustainable
FormDesigner in short


Drag & drop
How? By linking report elements to style sheets you alter the font and/or color of your document quickly and easily. Has your font not been defined as standard? No problem for FormDesigner. You very simply make a new style sheet and place your images, photos, illustrations, barcodes, etc. wherever you want. It is just a question of drag & drop and your lay-out is ready!
Direct results
Your adjustments are immediately visible, so you can continue to improve the document until you are happy with it. When it is exactly as you want it, you activate it by a mouse click and everyone in the organization can immediately work with it. Because FormDesigner is 100% integrated in the ERP system, nothing in the co-workers’ daily routine changes.
The only one with 100% integration with ERP
The special thing about FormDesigner is the unique, total integration in your ERP system. You continue working within the trusted structure or your system while you graphically convert all your original ERP documents to the desired house style in one go. 
Clever use of your ERP information
All the data in your ERP system are used one-for-one. This avoids mistakes in numbers, prices and such like. In other words, you re-use your existing, already adapted ERP Reports. This saves you a great deal of time and programming costs.
Dynamic interface to external databases, SharePoint and filing systems
FormDesigner offers countless possibilities for linking to other external document-management systems, fax solutions and information servers.
External document-management systems
Because FormDesigner is XML based, it can easily be linked to other external document-management systems, including SharePoint, Easyarchiv (dynamic index fields, search possibilities on complete text), Profile, Retarus, Habel, D3, Saperion etc.
Fax solutions
FormDesigner is suitable for the set-up and management of various fax solutions, like Twinfax, Ferrari Fax en Tobit, and has MRS, GFI and various other links for sending faxes.      
Information server
FormDesign naturally offers a self-configurable interface for every conceivable data source. This makes it possible to read in CAD drawings, for example, or collect data from another ERP system, an Access database or such like.