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HiDOX, the smart international ERP document company

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The branding and image of an organization are not restricted to communication tools such as brochures and advertisements. ERP documents can also make a contribution. But how do you combine your factual information with graphic design? HiDOX came up with the solution. Since 2004 the company has developed the FormDesigner tool in-house, with which ERP documents can quickly and easily be provided with their own look and feel. This can optimally utilize communication power as well as creating a consistent appearance for your organization.
Fast and Efficient
The speed with which the form adaptation of documents can be done and the efficient mutual communication that is possible with all the usual office software and hardware, make HiDOX not only an impact-increasing, but also a cost-saving supplier. You not only achieve optimization qua design, but also qua digitization. 
100% integration
With FormDesigner, HiDOX has succeeded in being able to offer a highly flexible and user-friendly solution; the only one that guarantees 100% integration with ERP. In addition to which, your productivity is increased and you save on unnecessary operations. No more double work with exporting, attaching or graphical designing of files/documents, or with their multi-channel distribution.