FormDesigner in short

In practice
Multi-channel Distibution
Microsoft and FormDesigner
Economic and Sustainable
FormDesigner in short

Choose the quality, stability and flexibility of FormDesigner:
·      The only application developed from the same logic and structure as ERP software.
·      No double work.
·      Unique 100% integration with ERP, irrespective of ERP versions, upgrades and service packs, ensuring no unnecessary programming.
·      Available in all languages and all languages are supported.
·      Fast: a completely laid-out usable document in just one day.
·      Substantial savings on paper and postal costs through further digitalization of processes.
·      Time-saving through Multi-channel application: simultaneous printing, faxing, e-mailing, sharing and filing.
·      Physical space-saving through digital filing.
·      Minimal training and programming costs for the IT department (only 1 to 2 hours).
·      Low acquisition and maintenance costs.
·      Surprisingly simple in regard to implementation and use: installed within an hour. No expensive consultants in the company for weeks on end.
·      Fast real-time support/service throughout Europe by product specialists with practical knowledge.
Graphic options
You put your documents together exactly as you want them to be with the desired Microsoft Windows fonts, background colours, logos, pictures, photos and type of barcodes.
Processing possibilities
From FormDesigner you can easily generate e-mail and fax, PDF, Word and Excel documents and HTML/XML documents.
Unprecedented flexibility
·      Information server: interface to extern information sources (self-configurable).
·      Interface to countless document-management systems, including SharePoint.
·      Interface to various fax solutions.
·      Automatic filing on the basis of index file.
·      Fast and easy document (re)viewing.
·      Unlimited adjustments.
·      Add unlimited number of attachments, even from other databases.
·      Add unlimited information, including headers, footers, campaigns/promotions) announcements, general terms & conditions, etc.
·      Double-sided printing.
·      XML-based.
·      Personalized documents: customer-specific application for cross and up-selling.
What are the advantages for users and your IT department?
·                    2x as fast document processing
·                    Electronic document formats; reduction in print and postal costs.
·                    Decrease in mistakes through electronic processing
·                    Fewer complaints through well-organised lay-out appropriate to house style 
·                    Short learning curve, intuitive operation, no extra expertise required
·                    Very fast installation time <1 hour
·                    No training needed for end-user