Multi-channel Distribution

Once the set-up is complete and the document is in use, one press of the button can send it to all destinations. This is dependent on receiver demands; you choose your destinations. A document is dynamically converted to a Word, Excel, PDF or HTML/XML file and can then be sent directly to several printers, e-mail and/or fax addresses.
Customer-specific distribution with one press of a button
Multi-channel printing makes it possible to print, file, publish, fax and mail documents at the same time. For example: your customer prefers to receive his invoice mailed as a PDF file to his Purchase Department. He would also like to receive a fax from you. Your account manager prefers the invoice data to be delivered in Excel, in which only the item numbers and totals are specified. With FormDesigner you are able to honour all these customer-specific demands with one press of a button. If you wish, you can easily add variable data and graphic components. It is not inconceivable, for example, that in addition to the standard Excel report, your account manager would appreciate a daily graphic account of his customers’ purchases.
Personalized documents
Clear, more easily readable documents tailored to the specific demands of the customer and the internal user (i.e. Sales or Management) add value to the organization. Diagrams, graphs and barcodes can be automatically added in order to further strengthen the presentation of the content. The advantage of this is that you obtain command of personalized documents in every required language.