Partner Program

The power of short communication lines
Since its creation, FormDesigner has really taken off. Internet and a worldwide re-seller network guaranteeoptimal service and support for all (international) customers. By using web conference tools, HiDOX is able to quickly recognize customer requirements and convert them to generally usable functionalities. Working like this, HiDOX has developed the FormDesigner product to an advanced, 100% integrated document-design & distribution tool. But development never stands still. Because of the power of short communications lines, new functionalities are continually being added, and any queries you might have are answered within 24 hours. We do everything we can to offer you optimal service. 

Developed for your convenience
HiDOX’s organizational structure is flat. Consequently, the robust and technically advanced FormDesigner solution stands out because of its low acquisition and maintenance costs. Because HiDOX listens to its customers’ requirements, extremely fast installation and implementation are guaranteed. You not only recover your investment exceptionally quickly with FormDesigner, you also save a lot of time, and therefore costs, after implementation. And you can also add to this the returns from the high interest of all your ERP documents.