Economic and sustainable

In practice
Multi-channel Distibution
Microsoft and FormDesigner
Economic and Sustainable
FormDesigner in short

HiDOX, economic and sustainable: cost and environmentally-aware document use
Automatic filing
A special feature of the XML-based FormDesigner is that files are automatically filed away on the basis of an index file.
Quickly usable for cross-selling and up-selling
Personalized communication increases the impact of documents by 30 to 40%. With FormDesigner previously non-utilized white space on a document can quickly and easily be used for cross and up-selling. This is because FormDesigner offers, among other things, the opportunity to alert your customers, via your invoice or by placing an URL, to an up-coming show or exhibition, a temporary activity or campaign, etc.
Economic and sustainable: cost and environmentally-aware document use
You choose both an economical and an environmentally-aware solution because FormDesigner:
·      Eases the move from paper to electronic ERP documents and the re-use of your existing ERP documents.
·      Ensures a better reception by means of personalized, customer-specific documents.
·      Generates few customer questions, a reduction in mistakes and reminders.
·      Increases your service level with extra added value.
·      Reduces your paper and postal costs (double-sided printing, pre-printed forms no longer necessary). 
·      Streamlines your document process and increases the efficiency per document.
·      Reduces your IT costs through very efficient storage of your documents.
·      FormDesigner functions excellently in a virtualized Windows Server environment (VMware).